Thursday, 13 December 2018

last day

I was thinking of  getting something  for Mrs Vickers  for her 27 years of retirement. Mrs Vickers has been my principal for 5 years, what I've learned from her was to never bully again and I've almost achieved my goals also I've been posted 27  blogs this year and there are going to 4 teachers leaving and I hope will see them around.Every time the teachers do a speech to Ms Vickers she feels very sad because she doesn't  want to leave because she likes working in Ruapotaka but lucky she gets to spend more time with Ruapotaka school                                                                  

Monday, 5 November 2018

my life in digital world

In my digital life I like watching Netflix because I to watch horror movies at night time.In YouTube to watch cool songs like hall of fame,cheap thrills, and can't hold us In face book I like to watch some cooking shows and dancing.

TheViking village

In the vikings village they had to find a home to live in so they saw heaps of trees and houses so they got there whole family and then they made heaps of houses on the big tree.They had heaps of people and the names were junior  and zorgo they were building bridges so they can walk across there were electric eels they had spears and bows.villages build towers so they can keep a watch so people won’t steal things.

The villages were lucky they had heaps of fish and water so they can live. they use the trees as wood so they can build new houses and some shield.The whole vikings prepare for war so they got shield,axe,and armor they were versing the black vikings but they had electric spears to taser them.

But there were some backup villages they no armor no shield and no food because the black team took everything from the whole houses so they lost twenty villages and ten vikings but suddenly there were they still have a lot of people and junior, zorgo so they had chance to have another fight so the whole villang used the viking armor and weapons.

Lastly the villages train to get gooder so they can attack then junior and zorgo was waiting so they can sneak behind the castle and destroy there king and take their own castle. all of the villages were still alive and the black team ran away to the lakes where they are to be seen again. Ten junior and zorgo setted up the  victory break they had water and beans? And they live happily ever after.

Thursday, 25 October 2018


In tennis we learned how to play a little bit of tennis with  peter he was a expert at tennis some of my friends  hit the ball to hard that is go's over the fence we can hit with one hand or two when we started to play we had to sit on a pad with a tennis racket on  it my favourite part  was when we had fun and learnd some skills

Thursday, 18 October 2018

My holiday

In my holiday I went to the playground with my sister,nephew and cousin and cousin and I was playing on the swing,slide, and zip line the zip line was scary because I almost  fell of.after that my sister went to to buy chicken nibble and chips well my nephew cousin and wait for her at the park because we wanted to stay.after she arrived we got really really hungry so we went to her and the we enjoyed it and it was crispy

After that we heard the ice cream truck then we ran as fast as we can so we won't miss it the we got our ice cream just in time before the truck was going  to leave I just got a ice cream with no toppings.I sat down on the bench and ate it.The ice cream tasted vanilla with white chocolate then my nephew didn't
want his so I ate it.

later that night my cousin and was playing Friday the 13th we had level to new people and new jasons the game was very scary because the music was scary and when put on my earphones it is to loud.

My favourite part was eating ice cream because the cone was crunchy and the ice cream was delicious.